Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a set of techniques and services that tailor your web site to place highly on search engines. Whilst we understand the importance of website design we also appreciate that in order to make a powerful impact a website has to be highly visible on the internet. A major part in any successful web venture is driving traffic to the site - without it your site will not achieve it's business goals and will invariably fail.

Many people assume that simply submitting their web site to 100's of search engines will automatically increase traffic to their site. Some put their faith in automated systems that perform a similar function. Unfortunately, whilst this may sound good in theory, in practice, they are usually harmful to your search engine ranking, and usually leads to poor quality traffic. Additionally some of the less reputable search engines and lists are setup with the sole purpose of harvesting e-mail addresses for spam - nothing to do with increasing traffic.

Over 80% of web surfers use search engines to find new sites (source: Forrester) however what that statistic doesn't highlight is that a similar percentage of traffic comes from only a dozen or so of the main engines and directories.

The process of getting these search engines/directories to pay attention to your web site requires a specific and personalised service. This is because every site has different specific objectives that must be addressed to provide the desired results.

The ultimate goal is to get "top ranking" for particular keywords & search terms. Unlike some companies we tailor the search terms to meet your exact needs and don't target irrelevant or obscure phrases & words. This is not an overnight process as it is reliant on how quickly the search engines/directories react and evaluate the optimized information presented to it. It may take many weeks to get the desired results but by using our services you can achieve highly visible search engine results.

Website optimization requires many hours of analysis and investigation - detailed below is just a brief outline of the some of the actions that are performed on a site:

  • Keyword Research, Analysis and Selection
  • Strategic Keyword Placement
  • Site Design Analysis
  • Site Navigation Analysis
  • Link Popularity Analysis
  • Directory Compliance Checks
  • Additional Content Suggestions
  • and much more...
If you would like a free complimentary search analysis of your site and/or would like to receive further information on how we can help you with our comprehensive search engine optimization service then please contact us today.

Examples of sites were we have achieved top ranking for competitive terms are available on request.
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